Q1 2023 is our best quarter yet. And I hope to write that about every quarter going forward. 

Here are some of the key milestones and activities that happened for us during this time

1. 150,000 Signups (100k+ signups in Q1)

Ever since December 2022, we saw incredible growth in our signups. Signups started increasing exponentially (and we paid for it with Open AI invoices)

q1 update signups

While some of this is serendipitous, here's our hypothesis on what really worked for us in the last 3 months

Increased brand awareness on social

Thanks to a social media influencers and publications, Supermeme.ai was featured in a lot of "Top AI Tools to check out" posts. We were honoured to be included in lists alongside ChatGPT and Midjourney

As a result, we received a lot of direct traffic and search volume for branded keywords increased!

branded keywords

Focused effort on SEO 

In 2022, our website simply acted as an information repository for our product. As we realised the importance of SEO, we decided to double down on it actively.

With just basic SEO hygiene and publishing cadence, we were able to attract more audience to our website. 

The biggest contributing activity was optimizing the home page to help it rank for "ai meme" keyword variants! Right now, we are in the top 3 with occasionally breaking into the #1 spot

q1 supermeme traffic update

Our website traffic is a from a combined source of branded keywords and non-branded keywords. 

2. Healthy paid subscriber growth rate

While our signups actively increased, we also saw a healthy increase in our paid users across all plans

q1 growth rate subscriber

With a combination of our brand awareness and the new features we launched, customers would enter their card details and start using Supermeme.ai without talking to us. 

This a good sign as it'll help us scale infinitely without having to invest in sales or support. 

The ones who do talk to us leave valuable feedback that we address almost instantly.

fixing bugs

3. Constant improvements to the product

Despite being a part-time team, we were fast to iterate and launch new features.

Here's a list of all the major features we launched in Q1 2023:

1. Multilingual Memes - generate memes in over 110+ language

multilingual memes

2. AI GIF memes - generate GIF memes from text input

3. Topic-to-meme - generate memes from just a topic

4. Meme Maker - upload your own image to generate memes

5. Train your template - upload your own image, supply context to generate memes

Along with these, we also shipped a bunch of minor enhancements and bug fixes.

What's ahead?

Q2 is already looking good for us with reaching a very important milestone of 100 paying customers. 

Our focus for Q2 would be on the core of optimising our meme generation algorithm and making constant improvements to our app. We'll also double down on SEO efforts given that it's proving to be a very effective channel for us.

We're grateful for everyone who are supporting us on this journey!