How many times have you wanted to create a meme but struggling to figure out the appropriate font for it? All the time. Sounds about right.

Choosing the right font for a meme can be time-consuming because the font is an important part of the overall message and tone of the meme. The font can affect the readability and legibility of the text, as well as the overall aesthetic of the meme. Additionally, some memes may require custom or unique fonts that are not widely available, which can also add to the time it takes to find the perfect font.

Here are some options on the fonts you can use for your memes along with best practices of how to use them

Impact (or Anton)

By far the most popular choice of font for memes, the OG of meme fonts if one can say that.

Usage: Impact can be used on top of the image or above/below it. For best fit, use it against a black background with white text font and black borders. A mild shadow can also be added. Impact can be used in ALL CAPS or Title Case

Download Impact Font Here

Download Anton Font Here


Helvetica or Arial are fonts that became popular as a the “Simple” meme format grew in popularity. It’s when the meme template takes up the lower section of the image and the text is on top

Usage: They are best used in black font color against a white background, usually on top of the text. This is best suited for images where there’s a text (like subtitle) already part of the image

Download Arial Font Here

Roboto Medium

Roboto isn’t a most popular font format, only the expert meme creators use it. It grew in popularity as meme templates started misquoting popular movie dialogues in context

Usage: Best used as subtitle replacement, on top of the image. Use italics or green color when appropriate

Download Roboto Font Here

There you go! Those are the top font choices for meme creation.

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